Pay the Woman: Avoid Doing Business with Asma Said

Asma Said made a commitment to buy a domain name via Go Daddy.
He decided that he didn’t want the domain and that it was perfectly okay to not to follow through on payment. He does not seem to understand that his non-payment has consequences for the seller (and the domaining community as well), nor does he seem to care.
His website: AsmaSaid [dot] com.
His contact details can be found here or via any other Whois.
If he decides to go private, I have captured his details in a PDF file.
Said seems to think that making a commitment to follow through on his contracts is meaningless and doesn’t understand why a seller might be upset; this attitude suggests that his business ethics may be seriously lacking.
He apologizes, but they are just empty words; a genuine apology would involve following through on his financial commitment.
Do business with this person at your financial peril.

* * * * *

1 comment:

  1. Who are you?
    I found your website by going to
    redirected here.
    ha ha nice. I checked them out because they snatched up a domain I let expire. I don't want it back, I was just curious.
    I read your posts. Old post about Trumpf very prophetic.
    And an Atheist, too. Awesome! We have things in common.
    Ta ta for now.


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