E-fat.com Finally Retrieved After Having Been Hijacked by New Ventures Services!

e-fat.com RETRIEVED!

They blinked! I am happy to report that I have retrieved e-fat.com, the domain stolen from me last year by Register.com and New Ventures Services.
For more info on how Register.com and their related registrars steal domains from their customers and extort them through their shell company New Ventures Services, see these posts:

For now, e-fat.com redirects to this post, cloaked, just because I can...
New Ventures Services had dropped the domain (just like I knew they would), and I was able to hand register it on August 7, 2015, through Go Daddy for a mere $8.37, not the $125.00 these sharks wanted to charge me.
I realize that this isn’t a high value domain, what with that hyphen, BUT it was one of the domains I had registered early in my career (2004), and it is kind of special to me, which is why I have placed a high price on it (in other words, I don’t really want to sell it).
Over the past year, I would check the Whois for it, and each time, New Services Vultures, uh, Ventures had slapped a higher price on it:

-- $125.00 (Quoted to me by “Jenny” at Register.com)
-- $377.00
-- $577.00
-- $877.00
-- $1077.00 (toward the end, bwahahahahaha!)

This upward tiered pricing, I’m sure, was done out of spite because I refused to cave into their extortive demands, and I kept checking the Whois for it.
But, for today, a good guy has won!
Happy dance!

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