Thursday, November 20, 2014

More Scamful/Scumful Behavior at Network Solutions and New Ventures Services!

Yakov Kiffel, a commentator on, reports yet another Scamful and Scumful move by Network Solutions and New Vultures, uh, Ventures Services:

Well, it looks like they’ve gone to a new low. I got an email from Network Solutions 3 weeks ago that my domains will expire if I don’t make a payment ASAP. I called them up within hours of getting the email, and the rep said they tried to run an old card and it was rejected. I gave her my new credit card information and renewed for 5 years. The rep said it was taken care of and my domains were safe. Three weeks later and without any further notification from Network Solutions (I even went through the countless junk emails they send me to be sure) my domains were gone, and now owned by Ventures Services!!

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