UPDATE: The Domain Taken From My Register.com Account...

...Is now in pending delete status.

In about 20 days, the domain will drop and be available for re-registration.

This means that New Ventures Services and Register.com could not profit from my domain.


Back when my domain expired, Register.com renewed my domain temporarily by paying the regular fee for domain registration.

A loophole in ICANN rules allows domain registrars to do this, supposedly to "protect" registrants from unintentional expiration, but registrars have perverted this for their own profit.

It is likely that New Ventures Services/Register.com will receive a reg-fee refund on this domain because these companies are basically cowardly and will kick domains that are not profitable to the curb.

It doesn't help that they put a non-porn domain name on a porn parking page.

Had they monetized this domain properly, they probably would have sold it.

Have a nice day!

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