Sunday, June 29, 2014

WARNING! New Services Ventures Corp and Other Bad Players...


If you own domains at, Network Solutions,, and Yahoo! Small Business, be sure to keep a wary eye on your digital property.
The above registrars have been known to transfer domains, without your permission or even knowledge, to a domain warehouse called New Ventures Services Corp. Some of these domains have expired, but some have not –

Some have just been plain hijacked, mostly from small business users and personal website owners, often ordinary people who have scant knowledge of the domain business.

Better yet, transfer your domain(s) to a domain registrar that places the domain rights of customers ahead of their own special interests.
Just do so well before the expiration date because the above registrars have been known to use delaying tactics and bogus transfer rejections, hoping that customers will give up.
Go Daddy, a registrar that does business the right way (for the most part – there are no totally clean hands in the domain name industry), allows domain owners to renew their expired domains up to 45 days after expiration; in fact, Go Daddy allows customers to renew at regular registration fees, up to day 12 after expiration. After that time they do charge a premium of $80, which is not unreasonable,

OR, better yet,

The option of transferring your expired domain out to another registrar (the new registrar will charge an owner a small transfer fee and add a year to the registration date – just don’t transfer to the above registrars).

In other words, Go Daddy offers its customers every opportunity to reclaim their domains, even to the point of losing money, customers, and/or domain names in the process.
However, the above greedy registrars will simply dump your domain into a New Ventures Services account for the purpose of exploiting website owners, and when the customer calls customer service, the rep will throw up his/her hands, pretending that New Services Ventures is a separate entity, when, in fact, it appears to be a shell company of, who happens to own Network Solutions and

Extensive details about these registrars and other bad players will soon be posted on my main website, and a link to it will be posted here. Keep checking back.

These connected businesses, in addition to other sketchy companies, forgot who they were designed to serve.
Meanwhile, keep in mind that your business practices reflect who you are.


  1. I have been treated unfairly by Network Solutions Domain name has been taken away from me by New Venture service Corp, without Network Solutions informing me no emails, no corresponding via post to inform me my expiry date, I had my Domain name since 1996. When I phoned Network Solutions, they suggested I should ring the new owners and ask them to give me my domain name back, as I did search the new owner is selling my domain name for over $1000 US dls .I felt let down, and been mistreated, Network Solutions no domain names are safe with you. You lied to me.

    1. Network Solution transfers my domain name to New Venture service corp
      before expiry date (more than 1 year). They charged me register fee and offer to sell it back to me $2000.00 plus.

  2. The exact same thing happened to me. This is just terrible business, and there should be laws enacted to stop this practice. It destroys businesses!

  3. Eden, It took me about a year to re-acquire my domain. Unless your domain is a "money" one, they eventually delete it from their inventory.

  4. they took my domain name without notice and want to sell it back to me, total scam


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